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Everything that Fridda Dorsch has to offer is summarized in the three words Active Ethical Cosmetics, as they best define the character of this company. Our treatments are developed with natural, organic and bio-sustainable active ingredients that deliver maximum benefits for the skin, without disregarding an ethical approach to the products. In addition, all our products are made in Spain and developed by experts in dermocosmetics who are ever mindful of the need to deliver the highest quality.



FRIDDA DORSCH products contain natural ingredients of the utmost purity and quality and are formulated with the most modern biotechnology systems to enhance their vehiculation, absorption, effectiveness and safety for all types of skin, even the most sensitive.

Our Laboratory has several different dermocosmetics lines for all types of skin.

Choose the one that best fits your skin type and needs:


Main Active: Organic and Natural ingredients, vitamins, Plat Stem cell, Prebiotic, Organic Oils
Target Profile: Any age
Category: Natural, Organic and Eco-friendly

Main Active: Epithelial Growth Factor of plant origin
Target Profile: 18 and over
Category: skincare, specific treatments (acné, whitening and anti-aging )

Main Active: Plant Stem Cell (Spätlauber Swiss Apple)
Target Profile: 25 and over
Category: Face and Body skincare anti-age

Main Active: AHA of natural origin and 33% AAA ingredients
Target Profile: 40 and over
Category: Premium Global Anti-aging Treatment

Anti-aging dietary supplements formulated with natural Antioxidants and Omega-3.

Developed by specialists in anti-aging and dermatological medical field