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Active vegetable ingredients
Preservatives allowed to be used in Natural / Organic Cosmetics


Sulphates, Silicones, Parabens, Skin Sensitive Preservatives, PEGs, Allergens, Petrochemicals and Alcohol


Hair Growth Booster Shampoo with Vitamin B5, B6, Biotin and Zinc

C.N.: 174068.7 /56085

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Because we put COLOUR and PASSION to everything we do, our products will come now in the same color as their packaging

Additional Differentiation

1st Shampoo in Europe verified by EWG™, meeting highest healthy standards criteria


For thin and weak hair - formulated to treat the main effects of hair aging and/or hair loss, thinning, lack of luster, density and volume loss

Container Airless Container 500 ml - Also available in 200 ml
ud - 46,00 

Reward points:30


Price in reward points:320

  • Increases the density, thickness, volume and health of weak and aged hair
  • Stimulates growth, reduces hair loss and alopecia
  • Controls sebaceous secretion
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Protects hair from breaking
  • Longer lasting cleaner hair. May reduce shampoos just once a week
  • Highest concentration of Vitamin B5 and B6: Helps to speed moisture and rebuilds damaged hair, adding strength and elasticity. Normalizes hair growth and stops hair loss.
  • Biotin: Helps increase hair growth, makes hair thicker and stronger. Treats hair loss.
  • Organic Açai oil: Brazilian fruit considered the most nutritious on the planet. The extraordinary antioxidant power has been valued by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) as the greatest antioxidant of the Plant Kingdom. Regenerates damaged hair and promotes blood circulation of the scalp.
  • Organic Argan oil: Great anti-oxidant power with Anti-aging properties. Moisturizes and softens the hair.
  • Omega 3:  Moisturizes, prevents itchy scalp and hair loss.
  • Zinc salts: Prevents hair loss.
  • Preservatives: Approved for natural and organic products.

Wash your hair regularly. We recommend applying the HAIR REPARING CONDITIONER by Go Organic after its use.

If previous hair washes have been made with the use of a conventional shampoo containing silicones, you may observe that during the initial use of our natural shampoo, less foam will be produced. This is due to the product consisting of an all natural and sulphate-free formulation.

However, from the first use of this product, the accumulated residuals left on the hair from the previous use of conventional shampoos and conditioners, will be gradually removed.

After the third and fourth use, a significant amount of foam will again be produced.  A longer lasting, cleaner hair and reduction in hair loss will be observed.

External use. Avoid contact with eyes.


martasc1 18-04-2018

No suelo escribir valoraciones y debo decir que dudaba del acabado y limpieza del cabello, pero este champú me parece uno de los mejores que he probado, tanto por la sensación de limpieza como por su hidratación (aparte de la composición del producto que fue lo que me decantó por él). El precio es elevado, pero por todo lo anterior, compensa.

Amelia 02-04-2017

me gusta este champu deja el pelo suelto sin peso con volumen me encanta toda la linea organic le recomiendo parece caro pero es de 400 ml y con muy poco cunde mucho

Begoña 12-03-2017

Me encanta este champú. Llevo ya cinco botes gastados. Sobre todo me gusta por el volumen que aporta al cabello, además de que éste se ve más sano cuanto más se usa. Sí que es cierto que al lavarlo, como no tiene siliconas (supongo), tiene un tacto algo áspero y casi siempre hay que usar el acondicionador, pero merece la pena.

Mar Santiago 26-01-2015

Me encanta el champú y el acondicionador!!! son geniales!! Tengo el pelo mejor que nunca y eso que solo me lo he lavado 3 veces con tu producto

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