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Fridda Dorsch -- Contains

Active vegetable ingredients

Fridda Dorsch -- Contains

Parabens, Alcohol and Cyclic Silicones

Hydra 4 – BB Cream

Moisturizer with uniform and natural coverage with SPF20

C.N.: 262646.1


Moisturising with healthy looking color and SPF20

Line: + Farma Dorsch

Container: Airless Tube 50 ml

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  • Provides a perfect, even and natural coverage for skin blemishes
  • Provides a hydrating and anti-free radicals action due to its composition including E vitamin a hydrating agent
  • Produces a spectacular stroke of bronze color
  • Provides optical wrinkles filling as it favors the optical light diffusion process on the skin
  • Insures protection against sun rays (SPF 20) preventing the appearance of dark spots. Specially indicated for sensitive skin, atopic skin or post clinical treatments
  • Non-greasy texture with silky and long-lasting finish (24 hours)
  • Vitamin E natural: anti- free radicals, antioxidants
  • Sun blockers: that reflect the sun’s rays
  • Resveratrol: Delays and fights cellular aging, removes toxins from the skin. Antioxidant and anti-free radical abilities

Apply every morning when going outside as a barrier against pollution and external agents and night on cleaned skin on face and neck line by gently massaging until completely absorbed. Suitable for all skin types. External use. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


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