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More than 33 % of active vegetable ingredients
Premium Antiage


Toxic Ingredients, Parabens, Alcohol and Cyclic Silicones

Magic La Crème - Premium Antiaging Global Treatment

Day and night Premium Antiaging Treatment for mature skin for face, neck and neckline

C.N.: 55086


For mature skin with Alphahydroxyacids - Anti-Aging – Day and night premium treatment.

Additional Differentiations

Includes more than 33 % premium ANTIAGE active ingredients. Wrinkles, firming, whitening, filling and repairing.

Line Magic
Container Airless Container 50 ml

Reward points:50


Price in reward points:400

  • Reinforces skin natural defenses
  • Minimizes age symptoms
  • Corrects wrinkles and flaccidity
  • Improves skin texture
  • Promotes the formation of a homogeneous, clear and even skin tone
  • Nourishes, clarifies and strengthens skin network while redefines the contour of the face, neck and neckline
  • Reactivates, revitalizes and multiplies the production of collagen and elastin, natural repairers of the epidermis
  • Healthy, energetic and youthful appearance
  • Recovers the density of the skin
  • Natural AHA’s – Alpha Hydroxy Acids – Lactic, Citric and Malic Acids: Promote the formation of a homogeneous, clear and even skin tone. Helps to even out the skin tone and texture while reducing wrinkles and signs of aging. Deeply hydrate the skin yielding an immediate lifting
  • Vitamin A – Retinol: Tightening, firming, clarifying and regenerating effect on the skin. Stimulates cell activity, leaves skin smooth and moisturized adding elasticity and firmness
  • Beeswax: Helps calm, soften and sooth the skin
  • Gotu Kola: Moisturizing, Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant effect. Improves the overall skin health, stimulates collagen and blood circulation
  • Vitamin E  and Coenzyme Q10: Softens, soothes, protects and improves the skin tone. Regenerative and Antiaging properties
  • Natural Moisture Factor: Hydration, normalizes the water content of the epidermis, improves softness and elasticity, and prevents early aging of the skin
  • Beech Extract: Cell regenerator – prevents dry skin and premature aging
  • Soy Isoflavonoids: Improve the lipid content of the skin, helping to smoothen wrinkles
  • Laminaria Seaweed: Emollient, tensing and firming properties
  • Sea Water / Marine Plasma: Formation of new, healthy and firmer tissue
  • Phytosteroids: Anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic
  • Rosa Centifolia: Soothes, tones and closes pores
  • Spirulina Seaweed: Stimulates and restructures tissue – treatment for cracked skin and burns
  • Buckwheat Wax: Inhibits lipolysis and eliminates fat
  • Urea: Provides hydration, soothes and strengthens the skin
  • Wheat germ, Sesame and Rose Hip Oil: Soften, protect and deeply nourish the skin

Apply day and night on cleaned skin on face, neck and neck line by gently massaging until completely absorbed. Suitable for all skin types. External use. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


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