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Active vegetable ingredients
Preservatives allowed to be used in Natural / Organic Cosmetics


Sulphates, Silicones, Parabens, Skin Sensitizing Preservatives,
PEGs, Allergens, Petrochemicals and Alcohol

** TEMPORARY OUT OF STOCK ** Hair Growth Booster Shampoo for normal to dry hair (200 ml)

Shampoo for normal to dry hair

C.N.: 174068.7 /56084-1

Additional Differentiation

Shampoo in Europe verified by EWG™, meeting highest healthy standards criteria:

- Safe and premium quality product
- Washes with non-sensitizing cleansing agents 100 % vegetal origin
- Free of: Sulphates, Silicones, Petrochemicals and Mineral Oils, Toxic Ingredients, Skin Sensitizing Preservatives, Formaldehyde Donors, Phenoxyethanol, Phthalates, PEGs, Ethoxylates, Allergens and Alcohol
- Includes significant amounts of B group Vitamins and Zinc Salts involved in HAIR GROWTH and HAIR LOSS DECREASE
- Functional Antiaging, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, Safe Ingredients, Innovative and responsible product, Vegan and Ethical cosmetic, Committed to a Healthier Lifestyle


For rough, frizz or matt hair - formulated to treat the main effects of hair aging and/or hair loss, thinning, lack of luster, density and volume loss

Container Airless Container 200 ml
  • CLEANSING in depth with agents of 100% vegetable origin, non-sensitizing, without parabens, silicones, sulphates or alcohol; allowing frequent use
  • REGULATES effectively the sebaceous secretion
  • DELAY remarkably repetition of washing, keeping hair clean and shiny for longer
  • STIMULATES the growth and reduces the hairloss
  • INCREASES hair density, volume and health
  • INCREASES blood circulation in the scalp and controls alopecia
  • Non-sensitizing PERFUME of orange blossom free of allergens
  • EXCELLENT toxicological profile and dermal compatibility




Enriched with moisturizing agents, natural conditioners (“Free of quats”) and Argan, Coconut and Omega 3 oils.

It keeps the hair clean with 100% vegetable soaps, providing vitamins of the group B and Zinc, main responsible for the correct metabolism, quality and capillary health.

Wash your hair regularly. Massage it gently for a few minutes.

Rinse with plenty of water to make foam and repeat the process a second time.

Apply the Anti-aging Redensifying Condicionador by Go Organic and rinse.

Note: Being a product 100% natural and without silicones or mineral oils, the organoleptic sensation is different and healthier for the hair, sometimes it is necessary to give time to get used to the new sensation.

This shampoo is formulated only with natural soaps and without sulfates, if the previous washes have been made with a conventional shampoo with silicones, during the wash you will appreciate less foam.

External use. Avoid the contact with the eyes.


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