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100% natural, gluten free, sugar free, suitable for celiac disease and diabetes, Resveratrol 15 mg, Ellagic acid 25 mg, CoQ10 30 mg, Zinc 50% *, Selenium 50% *, Vitamins C 50% *, DHA, EPA

* Recommended daily dose

Sambhala Excellence

Anti-aging food supplement

C.N.: 156907.3

Recommended for:

Improving the structure of nails, skin and hair

Line: + Farma Dorsch

Container: 1 capsule daily. Do not take more than the prescribed dose. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced and healthy diet. Pack contains 30 capsules.

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  • The high concentration of antioxidants, Omega 3, zinc and essential cofactors, in addition to the low content of saturated fat, makes Sambhala Excellence a unique dietary supplement in the fight against aging and cholesterol
  • Efficiency against cell aging
  • Specially formulated for the protection of sensitive skin
  • EPA and DHA to reinforced in appropriate concentrations. Shown in various scientific studies that you get benefits – under normal conditions – for the heart, brain and eyes
  • Zinc helps maintain nails, skin and hair
  • Helps maintain a normal cholesterol level as saturated fat are replaced with unsaturated (oleic acid)
  • EPA and DHA support the normal function of the HEART (*)
  • DHA supports the normal function of the BRAIN AND EYES (*)


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