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Fridda Dorsch -- Contains

Active vegetable ingredients
Preservatives approved for natural and organic cosmetics
100 % Antiaging Action

Fridda Dorsch -- Contains

Toxic Ingredients, Skin sensitizing preservatives, Parabens, Silicones, PEGs, Fragrance, Allergens Oil and Alcohol

Highly Moisturizing Firming Serum

Serum rejuvenecedor reafirmante y ultra hidratante

C.N.: 55085

Recommended to:

High-Hydration for neck and face
Indicated for all kind of skins, especially the most sensitive ones

Additional Differentiations:

● Immediate Effect
● Best Manufacturing Practices
● Made in Madrid, Spain

Line: Fridda Dorsch

Container: Airless Container 50 ml

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  • Maximum hydration with lifting effect
  • Redensifies the epidermis volume
  • Wrinkle filler effect
  • Recovers the firmness of the oval of the face and the neck
  • Stimulates cell growth and defences, protecting the skin from external agents
  • Enhances results and extends the benefits of cosmetics interventions
  • Specially indicated for sensitive skin, atopic eczema or dermatitis skin or post clinical treatments
  • Plant and marine-based Epithelial Growth Factor-EGF (active in the development and renewal of cells while it increases the skin’s own defences)
  • Marine Plasma (intrinsically similar to blood plasma with identical composition in trace elements, essential for the formation of new and healthy tissue)
  • Unique concentration of Hyaluronic Acid that consist of two different molecular weights to fill deep wrinkles, obtaining an immediate lifting effect while increasing the density, volume and skin firmness
  • Alantoina, Sorbitol and Compontents of the N.M.F. (Plant-based substances that sooth, soften and protect the skin from dehydration as well as enhance cell regeneration)
  • Organic Silica

Apply twice a day after cleansing the face before your usual skin treatment High tolerance – sensitive skin. External use. Avoid direct contact with eyes.


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